Friday, November 02, 2007


Here is a ‘just for fun quiz; the answers are all contained within previous blogs.

A chance to find out how much regular readers remember, and newcomers should give it a try, because you might learn something new.

The questions have multiple-choice answers. Click on your choice, if you are right you will see the picture on the left.

If you are wrong you will go to the blog that contains the answer. Each answer blog will open in a new window, so simply close it to return to this quiz page.

The trick is to see how many you can get right on the first try, without referring to the archives page, or other list.

1.) What was the subject matter of my very first blog?
a.) The mechanics of steering
b.) High speed shimmy
c.) A Fuso Lux sold on eBay
d.) The National Enquirer

2.) The first name of the “Little Giant” was:
a.) Jacques
b.) Jean
c.) Hugo
d.) Andre

3.) John Boyd Dunlop invented his pneumatic tire in:
a.) 1882
b.) 1885
c.) 1887
d.) 1888

4.) How many Fuso mixte frames were built?
a.) None
b.) 1.
c.) 5.
d.) 10.

5.) There was another framebuilder named Moulton from California, he built frames in 1947, what was his first name?
a.) Richard
b.) Mike
c.) Ed
d.) Alex

6.) Suicide Shifters on a bicycle is the name given to:
a.) Down tube friction levers
b.) Gear levers mounted on the handlebar stem
c.) Lever operated front derailleur
d.) Lever operated rear derailleur

7.) Who was given the name "Pédaleur de Charme" for his smooth pedaling style?
a.) Ferdi Kubler
b.) Hugo Koblet
c.) Jacques Anquetil
d.) Fausto Coppi

8.) In the fiction story “Chasing Charlie,” what make of derailleur, did Charlie have on his bike?
a.) Simplex
b.) Huret
c.) Osgear
d.) Cyclo-Benelux

9.) I rode 220 miles in a 12-hour time trial at aged seventeen, how many stops did I make in that period?
a.) None
b.) 1.
c.) 2.
d.) 4.

10.) A blog I wrote on the length of forearm being related to stem length, was described in a comment as:
a.) Total Crap
b.) Utter Rubbish
c.) A Load of Bollocks
d.) Garbage

How did you do?

Picture by Gerry McManus


db said...

I did horribly (1 correct guess). But I learned a lot today. I'm glad I did.

VintageSpin said...

I also got one right the first time, but I improved to one wrong the second time.

Mr. Fusion Jazz said...

Not sure what this says have my reading habits but I got six right.

Gene in Tacoma

Bobke Strut said...

6/10 right. There's just too much information to remember!


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or when you click on a correct answer do all the other correct answers show up in followed-link color since they all link to the same image?

Dave Moulton said...

Anonymous 9:06
Must be the setting on your browser, it doesn't happen on mine.