Friday, August 11, 2006

Utter Rubbish

My Blog of July 21st on stem length has been shot down, debunked, dismissed as “Utter Rubbish.”

I failed to take into account the Competitive Fit, the Eddy Fit, the French Fit, and also the little known and yet to be accepted, Hissy Fit. I also realized that rude people may have a longer middle finger than most throwing the whole formula out of whack.

If you rushed out and bought a new handlebar stem on the strength of my Blog, I apologize. But look at it this way; your local bike store needs the business.

Let’s face it; every time a bike store closes its doors people become homeless. Forced to get out and actually ride their bikes instead of being able to stand around at the weekends in a friendly, climate controlled atmosphere, and BS about bikes.

This elbow against the tip of the saddle trick is just an “Old wife’s tale” and should be totally ignored. I was simply pointing out that there is often a grain of truth to most folk lore and that the length of forearm is relevant to foot length and therefore to the rest of the body.

Most old wives will also verify that length of the foot is relevant to penis size; which makes perfect sense when you consider that long feet prevent well endowed men from falling on their face.


VintageSpin said...

Now that is funny.
It's like the old (Italian) wives tale about L.S.D. (Long Slow Distance), a training method I used while racing, is replaced today with designer training methods and bio-feedback devices.
Just get on your bikes and ride, you'll figure it out, if you allow yourself. Part of the appeal of cycling is being perceptive to yourself and the road you travel.
Kind of like life I guess.
And by the way, I have three fingers spacing to my stem.

How do i get to my old stuff said...

too funny. and, using the whole arm thing, my bike was was set up a-ok too. ;)

PommieAndi said...

Works for me...after reading the article I too had to try it on my bikes, all my stems are within 1cm of my hand, and that's where I find them comfortable, as you say, this is ONE way, why do people always have to disagree by rubbishing others methods, surely having more than one way to "skin a cat" is one of the things that makes the world interesting! and you find the method that works for you and use it! Personally I use a smal frame to reduce the reach and an 85mm stem, any shorter changes the handling too much, us short people have little choice in this age of full on and low racing geometry!