Sunday, August 13, 2006


Some people selling stuff on ebay do not have a clue. Take this Fuso pictured here; listed as a “one of a kind” custom Fuso. I built just under 3,000 from 1984 to 1993 so hardly one of a kind.

Model year 2000: I retired in 1993.

Size: XL. I’m sorry the seller may be clueless but the people buying my frames are not. Extra Large will not cut it; it’s not a tee shirt. Looks like at least a 66 cm.

Frame Material: Carbon Fiber. When it is obviously lugged steel; I doubt there is one single piece of carbon fiber on the whole bike.

Starting Price: $2,300. I don’t think so. Even my custom ‘dave moulton’ bikes of which I built only 219 in California, do not command even near that yet. The going rate on ebay for a Fuso in nice condition is from $500 to $800. The higher price would be for a Lux model. That is for a complete bike with nice components; frames in good condition (Not needing a repaint.) go for around $240 to $340.

I can understand someone selling a bike and knowing nothing about it, but have they never heard of Google? Type in “Fuso Bicycle” or “Dave Moulton” and you will find my website with all the information you need to know.

If you are selling one of my frames or a complete bike; take lots of pictures. Take close-up pictures of the lugs and seat cluster. Takes pictures of any damage to the paint, etc. Turn the bike over and take a picture of the underside of the bottom bracket shell showing the serial number and the frame size stamped there.

Take at least one good side on shot from the drive side of the bike. But don’t stand above the bike or frame and take the picture from a high angle, or the camera will distort the frame geometry. The head angle will appear steeper than it is and the seat angle shallower.

If the frame is a Fuso Lux for example; take a picture of the Fuso Lux decal on the top tube, because people will ask you, “Is it really a Lux.” Put a link to the "Bicycle" section on my website if you wish. (

When one of my bikes is sold on eBay there is no financial interest in it for me; but I am still interested. These are my “children” and I care whether they have a good home, or if they are being treated right, and are loved.


jim g said...

We encountered one of your frames on a ride this past weekend -- one of my riding partners snapped a few photos...

Dave Moulton said...

Thank you Jim for sharing the pictures, always nice to see a well cared for custom 'dave moulton,' and to see it being ridden.

warthog said...

I'd be willing to bet that bike is not actually for sale. I've seen crooks post pics of bikes they don't have up for auction. Over at, I have more then once have run across posts from BMX collectors letting others know that some lowlife falsely used a photo of their bike in a listing. I looked at the listing and noticed that the "seller" has no previous transactions....I would not be suprised if it is a scam. The info in the auction is WAY too far off to just be an uneducated bike owner. I think i'll e-mail the guy and ask for some more pictures...just to screw with him.

sidestepken said...

Hi dave,
i asked you yesterday about my Fuso frame I bought new in 1990. Turns out it's #314 a 56 cm frame, which should put it about 1985. Identical to a 1986 picture i saw on your website, red and grey paintjob. If memory serves me right I bought the frame for about $550 dollars at a shop in NYC. i was 18 and a bit green at the time. It climbs like a champ. I tried to convert it into a touring bike four years ago by putting a new crank and granny gear etc. I took it up to Nova scotia to tour, and it seemed to not like the extra weight and shimmied alot, scary given the steep descents and pouring rain. I just thought since was such a stout frame it would make a great touring machine too, i hope that I haven't done a blasphemous thing to one of your frames! I use now it mainly to get to work and also out in the Marin headlands. There is something special about the way the frame feels going up hills. I'll send a picture into your website sometime.
ken hockert
San Francisco, CA

warthog said...

I e-mailed the guy with the "one of a kind XL Carbon-Fiber Fuso" for sale to ask for more photos, requesting specific angles etc., and never received a reply.

Anonymous said...

Dave. I was in the basement at my work and ran into a greenish blue fuso lux. its been sitting down there about a year the tires are flat and it needs a tune up. the paint is a greenish blue and slightly chipped but not too bad. it seems to be about 55cms. all of the components seem to be dura ace and it has a matching pump attached that doesn't work. after alot of asking i found the owner. i want to buy it but don't know what a fair price is. a little help?

Dave Moulton said...

Comment posted 9/20/07
This post was written in August 06, the prices on ebay have remained about the same on average, between $500 and $800, with the higher price for a Lux model. If I were buying I would start with and opening offer of half the above amount. If I were selling I would do the same, put a reserve of half the above and let the bidding go up from there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I recently posted about a fuso lux I found in the basement of my work. I took your advice and offered him slightly less than half of the going rate for a complete lux and he took it. All it needed was air in the tires and it rides like a dream. Its in much better shape than I Had originally thought. There is hardly a scratch on it. I was wondering if you could give me some basic info on it. There serial is 1780 and its a 58 cm. Just wondering the basics.

Dave Moulton said...

I love stories with happy endings, congratulations you did extremely well. This one was built around 1989; I’m not sure of the exact number of the Lux model that were built, but I’m guessing no more than 200 over the years.