Wednesday, May 02, 2007

German eZine Interview

Last week I was contacted for an interview with an online magazine from Hamburg, Germany.

Okay, so it’s not the New York Times, but it is the coolest looking eZine I have ever seen.

It is called BETA-SWAY “Urban Sport Guerilleros Monthly.” Its sports related content includes cycling.

Written in English, the photography is outstanding, as is the layout. Check what happens when you click and drag the bottom right corner of each page.

English was obviously a second language for the interviewer, Carlos Pinto, but I think because of this some of the questions were different from the usual stuff that is asked.

I certainly enjoyed responding. Check it out here. The interview is on page 24 of the May issue.


Anonymous said...

Good interview... the eZine was great!


Anonymous said...

re: female bike builder.

Natalie of Sweetpea bikes in Portland, OR.


Unknown said...

Great interview, Dave! You shouldn't sell yourself short on how many people knew of you back when you were building frames. I remember reading about you and your work more than a few times in Bicycling in the 1970s and 80s. As for your contention that writing is a higher art form than building nice frames, a lot of vintage bike lovers would disagree, but I don't. In today's Internet world, everybody thinks they're a writer yet few have anything worthwhile to write about and have a lot of trouble with the English language when they try.

john b