Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Archive Page on my Website

I have just created an archive page on my website; it lists all Dave’s Bike Blogs on a single page.

With over a 100 blogs since I started in November 2005, and new people finding it every day, (usually though a Google search.) I want to make it easy to access the past articles, in particular the Bike Tech, and History stuff. This seems to be what most searches are looking for.

I have categorized and color coded subjects like Bike Tech & Design, General Bike History, Dave Moulton History, Featured Bikes, Humor, etc. etc. I hope regular visitors will also use it to check back on stuff you might have missed, or to re-read posts you may have forgotten about.

When you click on a blog title, it opens in a new window showing just that particular piece along with any comments at the bottom. When you are through reading, close the page and the archive page is still open behind it to check other titles.

New posts will be added to the list as they are created. Let me know what you think, as always your input is appreciated. Take a look, here.


J Fischer said...

Dave, love the archive page. Give me another thing to do instead of working on a monday morning!

Yokota Fritz said...

Fancy and helpful. Looks like you spent quite a bit of time putting that together.