Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Helmet Poll Result

After 15 days of voting, here are the results.

Those who read this blog at least, wear a helmet all or most of the time; 13% don't

In retrospect, I probably should have left the “saves lives” option out, because it split the vote. If you add the top two together, most feel that a helmet gives considerable protection.

Clearly, although many get passionate over the helmet issue, only a relative few want to make them mandatory. The majority feel it should be a personal choice.

My thanks to all who participated, and commented.


Anonymous said...

I was one of the 28% who "sometimes don't wear a helmet". That is to say that on occasions when I need to take a bike out on the street in front of my house to test out an adjustment I've made, I don't get all suited up. However, when it comes to wearing a helmet, cycling shoes with cleats and cycling shorts, I'd don them in that order. I.e., If I had to go a couple of miles, I'd wear the helmet, but jeans and sneakers would be okay. To ride to work, about 10 miles, I'd wear cycling shoes and change into work boots when I get there. Rides for the sake of riding 10 miles or more, I'd get fully suited up.

Anonymous said...

Apart from saying that I believe that the choice of whether to wear a helmet or not should only ever be a personal one, I would urge people to read the information at

Oh, and enjoy riding your bicycle(s)

Anonymous said...

The results lined up pretty well against how I thought they would. While mandatory helmet laws are still a very controversial subject, it seems that most cyclists, no matter where they stand on the issue, still take the option of "better safe than sorry" and strap that helmet on when they go out riding. Myself included.

Anonymous said...

For Q2, "I believe helmets...", I could agree with all the statements, so I found it a bit confusing. It seems that a helmet must have saved someone's life. For me, a helmet has protected against serious injury. And I'm sure that sometimes cyclists are killed with their helmets on.