Friday, May 30, 2008

What brings them here?

This blog gets around 1,200 hits a day now. Many people find it via a Google search. Here are some of the more unusual phrases that people have used to arrive here.

When can you shave your legs as a cyclist?
Any day that has an “R” in it. That way you avoid stubble on a Sunday.

Geek forearm numbness
Try changing hands

Wheelbarrow effect
The next big thing after the greenhouse gas effect

Beautiful Amazon bike snob
I guess if you are a beautiful Amazon, you can be any kind of snob you want

How heavy is a Dutch bike?
Beats me; that’s kinda like asking how long is a piece of string?

A man was riding up hill on his bike, yet he was walking
Is this a trick question? Yet was the name of his dog

Bottom bracket education
Set your sights a little higher; go for a top bracket education

Dave’s auction income
Not very much

Gay torn jeans blog
This blog has many facets, but that’s not one of them. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

How do you fix a bike?
You remove its nuts

My head is loose; can I still ride my bike?
Yes, just don’t ride over any bumps

What does one-way road mean?
Here’s a clue; if everything is coming towards you, you are on one and going the wrong way

Diamondback approach
My advice, don’t approach a diamondback

Can I ride further on a regular bike than on a stationary bike?
Duh, let me get back to you

Pictures of little men on bicycles
Are you the same person looking for the gay torn jeans blog?


imabug said...

hahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how people ask questions to Google. I had a keyword search 'why did graeme Obree get disqualified' It's also interesting how bad people's spelling can be

Unknown said...

Just what I needed this morning. Thanks.

Robert H said...

This prompted me to search my logs a bit... here is the best I came up with:
show me some pitchers on calculators

Anonymous said...

Like you, I am often suprised by what people type into Google and why my blog comes up for some keywords. Strange ones I have found in my logs include "moulton for sale" , "new watson bicycle" and "what are the names of the towns around the city of lucca Italy?"

Ron George said...


1200??! This is dishonest readership!! I protest! :)

You're a brilliant writer..btw

Katherine Muschick Schneider said...

I had to share these with my friends. We loved your replies.

Enjoyed meeting you at the Big Blogroll meet up.

Kay Schneider

Anonymous said...

That's hillarious. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...


Check out this article, maybe we can read your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

The article is at:

Anonymous said...

Follow up question on cure for geek forearm numbness: change hands to what?

I don't need the answer for me. Honest. It's for a friend.

bmalec said...

I found this blog looking for methods to determine the correct stem length; I'm just getting back into riding after 23 years, and unfortunately I forgot most of the tricks the owner of the local bike shop showed me back then.

Actually what's funny is that when I found this blog, the first thought I had was, "Hey! This guy's got the same name as a frame builder I remember hearing about back in the early eighties" Thankfully, it didn't take me long to figure out you were the same guy.

Anyway, thank you for the fascinating posts; I love your writing style. I've been looking for your novel in the local bookstores the last couple weeks, but no luck--guess I'll have to order it from Amazon.

Take care and best of luck, Dave!