Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What’s your sign?

This picture was on a Mothers’ Day card that caught my eye in a Target store. The caption inside reads, “Thanks for always covering my back.”

I started thinking, what would my sign say? Probably something like this:

“Thank you for your patience. Normal passage will be resumed when it is safe to pass. Please proceed with caution, and try to have a nice day.”

What would your sign say? In case you are wondering, this is just a little frivolity; I am not seriously suggesting we carry cardboard signs on our backs.

To make it interesting I’ll give signed copies of my book to the three I like the best. Entries will close on Monday, 28th April 23, 2008.

Keep it clean, unless it’s really funny, in which case a little obscenity will be excused. Post as a comment, and email me separately.

If you are interested, Mothers’ Day is on May 11th in the US; the date may be different in other countries.


Ken Davidson said...

Constipated motorist? Can't pass a cyclist!

Dave said...

What's up with that question mark after "me"? Makes Mom's plea sound a bit tentative.

My sign: Dude, have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Family Jewel
Pass with Care.

Today's Spirit, Tomorow's Solution
Pass with Care & Pride

You're Once This Active
Ride-Drive with Care

Mother's Little Helper
Let Me Stay This Way

Having raised four sons on bikes I have many others...maybe I'll send separately.

Nick said...

If this is a sign for little kids, mine would go "I am six and I'm on open road 'cause my parents are terminal winos"

Were it a sign for me it would go: "I also drive a car, watch out I don't see you on a bike"

dvicci said...

Off Duty
Police Officer

lady clay said...

I AM traffic.

db said...

I saw this on the web:

"You own a car
NOT the road"

Bujiatang said...

Putting MY tax dollars to use.

Not powered by foreign oil.

Demonstrating the
importance of
not being seen

Tim said...

My Other Bike
Is a Smith & Wesson

Anonymous said...

share the road
share the planet
pass carefully
and leave something to pass on

Robert Higdon said...

Honking is only going to slow me down.

Marrock said...

"You own a car, not the road"


"If you were so important the state would have given you lights and a siren"

Anonymous said...

I don't know what my sign would be, but in NYC yesterday on my way home, I was riding downtown when an SUV pulled into the bike lane just as I was alongside him.

I yelled out "Yo" to get his attention.

The driver responded with the standard NYC greeting: "F*ck you!" .

I, of course, returned the greeting.

A block later we pull up next to each other at the traffic light at Delancey and Allen Streets.

He smiles, I smile and wave, he smiles back and waves.

No harm, no foul. And no reason to ruin a perfectly good day.

So maybe the sign for NYC should be "F*ck you if you're about to almost kill me, but have a nice day if you can read this message without having to tilt your head due to me lying on my side in the street."

I dunno. Too wordy?

Rick J said...

Thank you Mr. Car Man, for noticing this sign. Between you and me, on the road, we can reach our destination.

Ron said...

Explosive material onboard.

Ron said...

"I know what you're thinking. Would you really like that much time in court?"

Moonlight Mark said...

Here's two:

1. "No meddling!
I'm peddling!

2. "Caution!
Spandex Crossing!"

Shaka said...

Oh man! I'm about to get a custom made messenger bag, and that is the thing that has been bugging me the most! What to put on the back flap for drivers to read?

I think putting something about the 3 feet rule is a good idea.

Or, I could just put "This bike is a Pipe bomb"

Hocam said...

I'm always fond of saying something assuming the positive action you want has occured, before it happens.

"Thanks for passing slowly and with extra room"

or a little more technical:

"Thank you for the legally mandated 3 foot passing distance"

chucker said...

Here's spme signs:

"Don't make me
bleed on your car."

"If you can read this in English, thank a Marine."

"Pass carefully,
I'm chewing tobacco."

"Don't look back
in anger."

Ryan said...

I'm doing this to keep your gas prices lower.

John Marr said...

Just Pretend I'm A Great Big Truck.

Treadly and Me said...

Human on board.

Surly Dave said...

I've always pondered thse two, in big letters on the back of a jersey:




Dan said...

Very simple:

"Please pass safely"

Erik said...

Wide Load

Nathan said...

Some of these were inspired by my commute today:
"Riders attached to this sign are closer than they appear."
"Baby on board. I swear! It's in the backpack!"
"Stay back! What comes out of MY exhaust isn't pleasant either!"
"Warning: Rider may projectile vomit when startled."

Anonymous said...

eyes on the road not me

Ron said...

I urinate while riding.

baudman said...

"I have a video camera strapped to my helmet"

Zakkaliciousness said...

"I Wish I Was In Copenhagen"

lancewrite said...

Person on board

Anonymous said...

CCW Permit Riders Club. cjg of eroticalee.

spokejunky said...

A couple:

"Spandex looks better on me,
not on your car"

I always thought Bill Green, S.C. accident lawyer, would make a great cycling team sponsor. Imagine one of his ads on the back of your jersey.

"In a wreck,
where's my check?"

leviathan said...

Caution: cyclists eat children.

Marla...O.A.F. with altitude said...

You'll get there before I will anyway.

maltese falcon said...

I'd make an ugly hood ornament.

Ron said...

-Got carbon fiber?

-Draft someone your own size!

-Ok,I'm a superdomestique. But a figgin car wasn't in the contract!

Todd said...

1) I think Critical Mass is stupid too.

2) Better than your Prius.

Anonymous said...

A green sign outlined and printed in white with a bicycle icon, like the "bike lane" signs around town. Except instead of saying "bike lane" it says "MY LANE"

Jett said...

"Recreational Commuter"

Anonymous said...

So, who's were your favorites, Dave?

spokejunky said...

Got an email from you today. It was from a different account in gmail. I just wanted to ensure it is valid.

Dave Moulton said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the large response to my “What’s your sign” post. I was able to persuade my publisher to allow me to give away 10 books instead of 3 as originally promised.

I have contacted all those who emailed me. And yes it was a different email but you can use the original one you used or the one on my website if you wish.

Thanks to all who participated.

Anonymous said...

A few more, just for fun:

Have you ever seen Ben Hur?
My chariot has retractable tire shredders!

Protection and counter measures provided by Q Branch

Heads up! Deer crossing ahead!

Caution! Radioactive contamination risk with-in six feet!


Leper on board

The last guy who “grazed me” is doing 20 to life.

Thanks for the book Dave!

Anonymous said...

if you can read this you're too close.

it's late I know.but I'm a slow thinker..great blog, I really enjoy it.
emanuel, barcelona.