Friday, December 14, 2007

Velo News

The number of readers on my blog has steadily increased this year from 100 visitors a day in January, to 500 a day at the beginning of December. It always drops down a little on the weekends, but stays pretty steady Monday through Friday.

Last Tuesday Velo News featured this blog as “Site of the day,” and the number of hits that day shot up to over 5,000. It has since dropped back again, as Velo News moved on to feature other sites of the day.

When things level out again it will be interesting to see how many new readers I pick up. All this has made me realize that I am only scratching the surface when it comes to the number people who read the stuff I write here.

These last three days there have been new comments on some of my older blogs. This tells me that new readers are going back through the old stuff. Don’t forget to look at the “Archives” page on my website; this lists almost 200 articles on a single page.

All this increased activity here and on my website has meant that my Web Host is having to move my personal site to another server. Because of this, will be down for about an hour on Saturday, December 15, sometime between noon and 5:00 pm. (EST.)

I thank Velo News for posting the link, and Chris, the guy who wrote and told VN about Dave’s Bike Blog. Thanks to all the regular readers, I see you as my extended circle of friends. And welcome to new readers, I hope you will stick around.


Anonymous said...

Yes you have a beautiful baby...and we enjoy the loving and wise insights.

Anonymous said...

Dave, found the site from the VN site of the day. Grew up in Vista an it is very interesting reading about all the frame building that was happening in North County in the 80's an early 90's.


Sorelegs said...

Dave, I came here from the VN feature as well and have been back daily since. Your content is really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I am also new from VN. I like your site, am poking around your archives and will be coming back often but you will rarely get comments from me -- I am too busy riding or working.

Dave said...

I too bumped into your site over at Velo News. Thanks for running a great blog. You are not un familiar to me, in 87 I bought a beautiful 49cm red over silver Fuso for my then wife, she still has it. I also have a friend who owns a 57cm blue over yellow. I myself own a Masi America Gran Criterium built soon after production started, probably before you were torching for Masi.

Howard said...

Now that you've moved into the 1000+ hits-a-day stratosphere, us little guys probably won't be hearing from you as often. That's okay. Couldn't happen to a nicer bicycle blogger. But it'll sure be fun name-dropping you on my buddies, saying, "yeah, Dave and I go waaaaay back to the mid-oughts..."

Congrats on the recognition and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'm another newby via VN. I want you to know you've been bookmarked and are part of my daily round online.

Thanks for the news and insight.

Nord said...

and now you'll probably get a bump from BSNYC's exaltations this day...