Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have nothing today

Because I was fortunate
To build a bike or two
Doesn’t mean that what I say
Is absolutely true

I try to write about the things
I've learned throughout the years
And stimulate the gray stuff
That's in between your ears

Sometimes I will write a piece
On this, that, or the other
Some of you will share my view
And then there’ll be another

Who express a different opine
With words that are quite strong
But often there’s no black or white
There is no right or wrong

And if I make you think about
Your safety when you ride
Then does it really matter
Our opinions collide

Better our opinions
Than your head on solid metal
And you are a statistic
When the dust has settled

I'm not some safety guru
With advice bike riders seek
I’m just the Devil’s Advocate
On a muddy two-way street

If my simple inane writings
Touch one reckless soul
Make him think about his safety
Then I’ve reached my goal

May the rest of you be entertained
And even crack a smile
So I know my time’s not wasted
It all has been worthwhile

Just get out and ride your bike
Be safe along the way
Live to ride, but ride to live
And enjoy another day

So may you be protected
By St. Christopher or God
And if you don’t believe in that
At least you’ve read my blog

Prompted by my last post and the reader’s comments. Seriously, I’d like to thank all for their intelligent, and thought provoking comments. Please keep reading even when I have nothing.


Rich Gift Of Lins said...

Putting all the opinion to one side, your post has made me go and buy a better reflective jacket for my night time training. That is in addition to my existing 3 rear flashing lights, reflector, HID front light, flashing LED front light and flashing helmet light.I also select the routes that I think will be most traffic free. That is one practical outcome that has emerged from your thoughts, thankyou. As a racing cyclist I want to show a good example to whatever other sort of road user might see me.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say your blog (and website) is one of the most interesting cycling sites I've ever read on the internet. It must be very difficult to think of a subject to write about every few days, and then there's always the inevitable criticism -- some of which can be quite trying at times, I'm sure. A blog is right out there, and so there's no way to just hide for a few weeks.

There is so much dis and mis-information about every aspect of cycling which is easily spread nowadays with the internet, and fashions that don't really make a heck of a lot of sense for someone interested in getting and staying fit. It goes from those who would have you ride a fixed gear everywhere to the the 650B pillow tire-equipped bikes at the other extreme. You should have your handlebars from a foot below your saddle to 2 inches above it. Yeah right. Those are some practical road bikes.

Sometimes I wonder if some of these people are more interested in cycling as a lifestyle statement than as something you actually do. Some of the advice out there makes me suspect that the person has never actually ridden a road bike for more than a few minutes at a time. Your blog is a nice oasis from that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Great way of saying it Dave! Staying safe is paramount. How many weeks after your accident did you begin to feel normal (assuming that is possible) again? Stay healthy and keep writing,

Dave Moulton said...

I still have double vision from my accident last December, although not as severe as it was in the beginning. I have some special eye-glasses with corrective lenses so I can ride my bike and drive. My accident left me very aware of the possible dangers, but I am not paranoid, just extremely careful.

Mark Manson said...

Even your "nothing" is "something". I think we should all remember the feeling of freedom we felt when we first learned how to ride a two-wheeler, while keeping a notion of self-preservation in mind. Great blog, I hope one day mine will be as revered.

mark worden said...

I love to write poetry and the the tile of your post today reminded me of a poem I wrote when I also had "nothing": I called it

"The Poem Unwritten"--

It's sometimes hard,
to think in rhyme,
and write the words,
that beat the time,

of poetry!

Those moments that,
the pen won't flow,
the eyes just stare,
the mind is slow,


To grope the muse,
and shake and moan,
one might as well,
just leave the poem,


Howard said...

Hey, it's Poem Day on the Big Blog:

(with apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never like
a poem as lovely as a bike.
A bike's whose hungry pedals crank
upon the Earth's sweet flowing flank;
A bike that rides toward God all day,
and lifts her rider's soul to pray;
A bike that may in Summer wear
a happy rider's distant stare.
Poems are made by fools like me,
reminding us to ride with glee.