Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Garage Sale Fuso

In a recent blog, Still bargains to be found out there, I wrote about a Fuso bike picked up at a garage sale.

Mark Worden who found this one sent me these pictures.

Built twenty years ago in 1987, the 30th Anniversary year, the bike was ridden for 2 years then sat in a garage for the next 18 years.

Amazingly, the bike was picked up for $75. Too small for him, a 55cm. Mark passed it on to a friend.

The bike came with sprint wheels and tubular tires, which Mark kept; the wheels seen here are temporary. The new owner is awaiting a new set of wheels. It makes me feel good that another Fuso has been liberated and is being ridden.

The beauty of these bikes is in the way they ride, and they need to be ridden to be appreciated.

Tip: The white decal panels on these frames are adhesive Mylar, clear coated over with multiple clear coats; they are normally very durable.

However, do not, repeat, do not let a bike store mechanic clamp the frame in a work stand, placing the clamp over the decal. It will permanently mark the white panel.


Ed W said...

Now why is it that -I- never find bikes like this at garage sales? Plenty of Dynos and Nexts, with occasional excursions to stratospheric Huffys, but seldom a nice old bike. I'm doomed I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

75 Bucks? 75 Bucks??!!! Oh geeze, that's like finding the old lady selling the '52 Tele that was stored under the bed for the last 55 years.

No regrets about shelling out $325 for my Fuso frame. Still, I can't help but imagine all the cool components I could find for the frame for $250.

John Natiw said...

Wow. I was excited about finding my Maruishi for $100. Nice riding steel frame. I'd love to happen across a Fuso.

mark worden said...

After looking at the pictures I sent you in the context of your blog entry I will ensure that next time I do some photography of a cool bike I am going to take a bit more time and work out the subject, lighting, and framing of what I shoot. My friend Bob's legs are way to hairy to have been included.

Mark Worden