Monday, July 23, 2007

On life’s journey

Paths cross and we meet
Face to face, hands shake
Names soon forgotten or never remembered
Faces stay a little longer.

Others meet on the Information Highway
Paths cross the same, often by chance
No face to see, no hand to shake
Just a name.

Either meeting good or bad
Mostly good, reflecting how people are
That is, mostly good
Lives are touched.

Some glance our way and move on
We never see them again
Others sharing a common interest
Stay a little longer


Dano said...

I sense that you are old school. Check out my blog post on the track bike that I borrowed. It might bring back memories????

Anonymous said...

Sometimes many years pass until the path comes full circle, and we meet again. We remember the past, wish each other the best for the future, and hope to cross paths again.

Anonymous said...

A cool Poem!

Glad to see another poetically inclined Cyclist out there.