Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A stranger is a friend we haven’t met

I am amazed, somewhat overwhelmed, and at the same time deeply touched by words and actions of the bicycle riding community.

First, right after my accident there was an outpouring of well wishes in the form of comments on my blog and personal emails. Next came offers of practical help. Alex Flinn from San Diego offered to loan me his 53 cm. Fuso. Lorin Youde, who owns a John Howard, and a Recherche that I built, placed an ad on Craigslist, looking for a 52 cm. frame for me.

Just last week, Dana placed a comment on my blog offering me a bike with a damaged frame at no cost. I declined only because I have no tools or equipment to repair it. However, I was deeply touched by the offer from a complete stranger.

Yesterday, another complete stranger, I will refer to him as Ron only because I get the impression he is a very private person. Ron offered me a 51 cm. Fuso frame, free of charge, and even refused my offer to pay the shipping cost.

My own damaged frame, I have been told by cycling attorney Gary Brustin who is handling my case, should not be repaired at this time. It is evidence that may be needed in the future.

This of course left me without a ride, and I am anxious to get back on the bike again as I feel the exercise will speed my recovery. Physically I am fine, but I still have double vision from a damaged nerve in my right eye.

However, on the advice of my doctor, I am able to blank out part of my glasses, which cuts out the double vision and at the same time allows me to see either side without a blind spot that a complete eye patch would cause.

My damaged frame is a 52 cm (C to T) but the 51 cm. will work fine, I can ride either. My profound thanks go out to all those who have offered well wishes and help. I am also not forgetting Bob Gong who sold me the first frame, in near pristine condition for an extremely low price.

In addition, my very good friend Steve Farner who sent me enough components to build the complete bike. While I’m giving out thanks, I have noticed a recent upsurge in sales of my book on Amazon. It can only be from readers of this blog, so thank you to all who have bought the book.

I am deeply touched that there are so many good people in this world. I don’t think it is a coincidence that these same people happen to be bike riders.


Anonymous said...

"What a man sows, also shall he reap." I found your blog through a link from Kent's Bike Blog and wanted to thank you for the ideas you provide for me to ponder. Glad people are there for you and that you are accepting of at least some of their help.

Anonymous said...

Remain outspokin' Dave... yes cyclists care. Best Wishes, Jack

Yokota Fritz said...

That's moving, Dave. I'm glad you're on the mend and I hope your vision is restored completely! All the best.