Saturday, February 17, 2007

Old tech, new tech

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I came across this old ad from the early 1900s; it states “Removes one great drawback of cycling, viz. Perineal Pressure.”

Just goes to show, old tech becomes new again if you wait long enough. When it comes to the bicycle there is not too much that hasn’t been tried at least once before.

Left: The San Marco Caymano Arrow-Head Gel saddle, one of many similar designs on the market today.


Kit Fenderson-Peters said...

But are these things actually worth a damn?

Coelecanth said...

I've tried many different saddles in an effort to prevent numbness of the privates. None have been 100% successful. I'm currently using a Brooks B-17 on my commuter bike which taught me a very important lesson: it's all about how you sit on the thing.

The Brooks is unbelievably comfortable and causes no numbness, but only if I put my sit-bones in the dimples I've worn into it and only if I tilt my pelvis slightly up. If I don't it reminds me quickly that I'm doing it wrong.

I think these cut-outs and whatnots are to allow people to plunk their behinds down without any thought as to how they're sitting and still have a chance at being comfortable.

Since my Brooks revelation I've found that so long as I make sure my sit-bones are on the highest point and are not off the edges and that my pelvis is tilted I'm comfortable on just about any saddle. All it takes is a little thought and some wiggling around.