Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bike Blog Block

Sitting at the keyboard
Staring at the screen,
A case of bike blog writer’s block
The worst I’ve ever seen.

The bicycle so simple
You push one pedal down,
The other one comes up again
And the wheels go round and round.

Have I reached the limit?
Is there any more to say?
Will it all come back again
If I wait another day?

I go on to Bike Forums
To try to find ideas
But they’re asking “If I shave my legs,
Will my wife think I’m queer?”

I struggle to find answers
To questions quite inane,
Like, "Do you still commute to work
If it looks like rain."

And on the vintage forum
Someone’s asking for advice,
On dating a Bottechia
I say, “Why not if she’s nice.”

I wonder if I write a blog
A post nobody finds,
Then did I really write it?
Is it only in my mind?

I know by now you’re asking
Has he really lost his marbles?
The longer I go on with this
The message becomes garbled.

Writing about nothing
And even make it rhyme,
Is really not that difficult
All it takes is time.

But to write exclusively about
A subject like a bike,
And try to keep it interesting
The stuff that people like.

Is really not that easy
And like my Momma said,
There will always be days like these
When there’s nothing in my head.

If by chance you are still reading
Maybe I’ve entertained,
I’ve made something out of nothing
And my posting’s not in vain.

Please check back again, after this it can only get better.


Anonymous said...

Now that is good stuff!

Lisa said...

You write first for yourself....non? We interlopers who appreciate you are just added gravy.

Dave Moulton said...

Hi Lisa,

Agreed all artists create for themselves, but in the end, we need validation from others.

Life, like dinner is a little bland without the gravy.


Anonymous said...

Just so that you know, your blog is the third thing I check when I come in for work.
1. email
2. Google News
3. Dave's bike blog.