Monday, January 15, 2007

Lowcountry Bloggers

Last evening I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow Lowcountry Bloggers for the first time when we got together at the Madra Rua Irish Pub in North Charleston. I have made so many new friends by way of my blog and it was a rare delight to actually get to meet some of them.

I borrowed the picture of the gathering from Joan as mine didn’t turn out all that good. I may be many things, but photographer is not one of them. That’s me on the extreme left gently easing my lovely wife Kathy forward so I can get my smiling face in the picture.

Two people it was especially nice to meet were Vera and Heather as they have been known to post the occasional comment on my blog. With my blog aimed primarily at bike enthusiasts, it is rewarding when non-cyclists find my writing interesting enough to comment.

The thing that struck me about this group was there were no middle aged people there. There were the very young, the young, and then the older, young in spirit people like myself. So often these days, I find in a group like this I am probably the oldest in chronological years, but talking to Chuck a retired journalist and photographer, he echoed my sentiments exactly when he stated that one secret to staying young is “Don’t hang out with old people.”

The above picture taken by Chuck, shows me talking with fellow Englishman, Geoff who admitted he is not old enough to grow a decent mustache yet. In the foreground on the left are Notoriously Nice Mike, and Vera on the right seated next to me.

Two people there were not strangers; Janet and Jason I know from a local writer’s group. There was one other bike rider in attendance named JJ; he said he owned a Bianchi and was on the look out for one of my frames.

I had interesting conversations with George, Josh, and Eugene and many more I haven’t mentioned here. I can’t help feeling the circumference of my circle of friends just grew a little.


Vera said...

Very nice meeting you and Kathy. It's always wonderful to meet a fellow blogger.

chucker said...


Nice meeting you and discussing our mutual philosophy of hanging out with positive people. Usually they are younger than I - but not always. As you've learned, age is relative and people with a buzz of activity are more fun to be around.

When I attended a Widespread Panic concert recently, I am sure I was the oldest (wisest?) person there.

A young, very stoned young lady reached up to stroke my head and said "man, I really like your white hair."

After the concert I had a severe case of the munchies.

Anonymous said...

Dave it was lovely to meet you and your wife. I'm glad you could join us.

Anonymous said...

Good to meet you and put a face with the blog.