Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank Heaven these are Isolated Cases

On the heels of a report of a Mission Viejo cyclist who was chilled recently after being hit by a fast moving cold front; comes another troubling story of a San Clemente man who rode his bicycle down a busy street and turned into a Seven Eleven.

Taking a big gulp before commenting on this startling and unexpected transformation his wife said, “He had a brother who a few years ago turned into a woman, but we never expected this. I’m afraid now people will say this is just a marriage of convenience”

Ending on an optimistic note she added, “It is nice to be able to get coffee and doughnuts at any time of the day, Grandma doesn’t have to go far for her lottery tickets, and we never run out of milk.”


Anonymous said...


chucker said...

Thanks. I spewed coffee out my nose.

Before Starbucks, these stores were the first to be "on every corner."

Howard said...

Howard has left his old beater pickup truck that he nicknamed "Bootstraps" at his parents' house for nearly a year now so that anyone in the family could use it whenever needed. Last week his bike, nicknamed "Poverty" busted a chain nearby. So Howard picked himself up by his bootstraps after breaking the chains of poverty.

Anonymous said...

Combining rotten riting with the bike blog, are we?