Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Paris Sport frame has surfaced

I was recently sent these pictures and asked if I could identify this frame, the person who sent the photos said he had bought the frame in the Spring of 2005 and the seller told him the frame had been built at Paris Sport in New Jersey about the time I was there, which was January 1979 to October 1980.

I was able to tell him that I did recognize my own work and that I did indeed build this frame. Points of recognition are: The seatstay caps:

Compare this to this later frame built in California in 1983

The rear drop outs. This was how I finished them at that time

Compare these to this English built frame from 1975

Later after working for Masi I decided the way they finished their drop outs was a more aesthetically pleasing style so all frames built after 1980 were finished like this one.

This fork crown on the Paris Sport frame was forged (Hot stamped from a steel blank, not cast.) and somewhat unique in that I brazed a washer over the brake hole so the brake would have a flat surface to seat on.

The Prugnat lugs and the top tube cable guides I remember using these. Lastly the little round stop under the down tube to prevent the gear lever clamp from sliding down the tube. I went to a factory in England where they did metal stamping and collected a number of 3/16 in. diameter blanks that were left over from stamping holes in sheet metal. They made perfect clamp stops and I brought a number with me when I came to the US.

The frames I built at Paris Sport did not have my name on them. They either had the Paris Sport name or they were sold like this one with no decals or frame number. It is quite rare for one of these to surface and as they had no markings I'm sure a few are laying around unidentified.


Tim Jackson said...

Wow! That is really cool.

It's amazing that you can remember all of those significant details. Maybe it's just me, but that seems like an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

I think I have one of your frames. I purchased my Paris-Sport in late '78 from Talbots Bicycles in San Mateo, CA. The frame was built up with Shimano 600 groupo and served me many miles in that form. I just recently cleaned up the bike and rebuilt it into a single speed configuration.

Along the way I added Campi braze-on shifters, fender eyelets (it was my touring bike for awhile) and water bottle holes.

I saw the reference to this blog on Fixed Gear Gallery at http://www.fixedgeargallery.com/2007/june/1/JonathanL.Kim.htm

I don't have any pics of the rebuild yet, but could send some if you are interested.

let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I like your blog. I found it looking bike info. I have a Paris-Sport fixey with horizontal dropouts and leather bar covers. It does have a frame number on one of the dropouts. Do you know of any way can I find out more about it?